At Bareburger, we’re always trying to improve our menu and service. If you ever have any questions, comments, ideas, or concerns about our restaurants, our green practices, or if you just want to say “Hello,” please feel free to send us a message. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


  • TEL: 718.777.7011
  • TEL: 718.777.1528

  • Monday to Thursday 11:30AM to 10:30PM
    Friday to Saturday 11:00AM to 11:30PM
    Sunday 11:00AM to 10:30PM



  • Monday to Thursday 11:30AM to 10:00PM
    Friday to Saturday 11:00AM to 10:00PM
    Sunday 11:00AM to 10:00PM




Meet our crew


Bobby's favorite accessory is pants, and we should all be thankful for his obligatory wearing of pants. He likes the color blue because it brings out his eyes which are brown but allegedly change with the seasons. How Bobby picks up girls: “Is your father a thief? Because he stole the stars out of the sky to give you eyes”. Bobby is still single.